Quick Start

Manage Data

The Data Management allows users to upload, download, modify and remove data. You can also preview these data via Open Layers or through Google Earth.

Access Data

The Data Access gives users the capability to overlay different available data sets and even access remote WMS service. Also, a web map with your desired layers can be created and then exported as part of a Map View. Access to these geo-data are subject to user permissions. It also allows users to add and edit features in their data sets. Data Query is a unique feature available using this tool.

Create a Map View

Once you're finished editing your data sets, have created a Map and would like to share them, you can create a Map View. Map Views are pages containing your maps, the metadata, tables, graphs, notes and other related documents..

What is CRISP?

A standardized and decentralized spatial information management environment, designed to enable access to geo-referenced databases, cartographic products and related metadata from a variety of sources, enhancing the spatial information exchange and sharing between organizations and their audience, using the capacities of the internet. This approach of geographic information management aims at facilitating a wide community of spatial information users to have easy and timely access to available spatial data and to existing thematic maps that might support informed decision making.

A mirror site for the system called CRISP Lite is located at DENR Regional Office 02 and can be accessed thru the URL http://crisplite.rdc2.gov.ph

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